Frequently Asked Questions

I feel that I could benefit from counseling services, how do I begin?
  • How do I know when Counseling is over?
    Goals are established at the start of treatment and periodically evaluated using questionnaires and assessments to track progress. The input from parents/caregivers and the provider's assessment guide the determination of goal achievement and the potential conclusion of counseling services. Clients have the flexibility to end or resume counseling as desired.
  • What services are provided at Cosiva Behavioral Health?
    We provide mental health, substance use services, and behavioral health services. We have both case managers and therapists who provide mental health and substance use services, as well as a medical doctor and nurse who provide the medical services.
  • I will be bringing in my child or adolescent. Will I be in the session with him/her?
    Based on the child's age and specific concerns, minors have the option to attend therapy sessions without a parent or guardian present. Adolescents, in particular, may have the opportunity to engage in confidential sessions, ensuring their privacy. However, parental involvement is encouraged, and parents are always welcome to request a session or be included in their child's therapy process, as we recognize the importance of family engagement.
  • Do you take Medicaid?
    Cosiva Behavioral Health Services does take Medicaid patients if they are covered through State of Ohio Medicaid, UHC Community Plan, CareSource, Buckeye, Molina or Humana.
  • How long do I need to come to counseling?
    Following the assessment, a treatment plan will be developed which will determine your specific services and approximately how long it will take for you to achieve your goals. Each person’s treatment plan is individualized and is based on the complexity of the problem. Typically, appointments are scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  • What credentials do your counselors have?
    All Therapists at Cosiva Behavioral Health have a master’s degree or higher. They are all independently licensed in Ohio and have many years of experience. They are licensed as an LISW (Licensed Independent Social Worker) or LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor).
  • What ages are accepted for counseling services?
    Cosiva Behavioral Health Services has clinicians who can see anyone age 5 or above although not all counselors see all ages.
  • I feel that I could benefit from counseling services, how do I begin?
    If you are ready to set up an appointment, call our office at 216.202.3381. One of our friendly clerical staff members will be happy to gather some information from you and set up your appointment. If you have insurance, be sure to have your card available when you place your call. An appointment will not be made until all necessary information has been obtained.

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